Makoto Shinkai's The Garden of Words.
Art: 10/10.
Look at the screenshot, it looks so real. I can't believe it's animated. There are lots of beautiful scenery sights in the movie, but I just cannot pause every second to take screenshot.

Music: 9/10.
Good, very good and fitting. It's just this kind of movie doesn't allow the music to stand out.

Plot: 6/10.
Nothing special. Simple, ordinary, plain. But there is some sort of charm hidden in it. Viewer simply cannot take their eyes off the screen. Compared to 5cm/s and The Promised Sky, this movie lacks cliff hanging.

Seiyuu's work:
Do I have to comment, knowing that Hanazawa starred in it? Well, 8/10. They did a good job. But the movie doesnt ask for any high skill in voice acting. But I must admit, HanaKana sounds so new here.

The Garden of Words Screenshot

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PART 1/3

Copy from the description on YT:
information from the official site

[Len] a little brother of the Diva
[Rin] the Diva for the dragon
[Miku] a pythoness
[Kaito] Punchinello
[Meiko] a swordwoman of the country
[Kamui] a graduate/academician of the country
[Luka] an oracle of the country


*mom said Len had a big sis
*Len asked if they were twins
*parents were surprised by that and mom cried over
*since then Len has never asked about her

*a girl, Rin wakes up in a dark dungeon and sees the dragon sleeping as usual
*a diva=human sacrifice is needed to allay the dragon down
*Rin is the Diva
*fatness of the land is promised as long as the dragon is alive in the dungeon
*Rin knows nothing about what the outside world is like
*the dragon wakes up and Rin sings a song for a sunny day
*Rin has learned songs as if she had ever listened to, or some songs are what she dreamed
*in her dreams she is a boy called Len whose face is just like hers
*a new diva is born or the dragon kills the Diva, these are the only ways the Diva can be free from the dragon
*Rin was brought into the dungeon just after she was born
*Rin assumes the ex-Diva was killed
*the dragon is satisfied with the sunny song
*Rin falls asleep again and says to the boy(Len) "I'm Rin," in her dream
*Rin doesn't know Len exists in the world

*Len hears someone's voice under the cloudy sky and feels like crying
*it begins to rain and Len says "Rin, I'm Len...I'm here."
*Len knows Rin is dreaming him
*Len says "I'm in the world where you are," and sheds tears

PART 2/3

Guilty Crown - Better than what I've read on the internet

Spent the whole night watching Guilty Crown.
Now that I can conclude: never believe everyone's comment. I dont understand why ppl complained a lot about GC; they said that it sucked, the plot was cheap, the main character is a jerk and all.


In my case, GC is not the best anime out there, and it may not be a VERY GOOD anime. But it's a sure thing that GC deserves a GOOD anime title.
The development of the protagonist personality is very well done: from someone who keeps running away to a man who fights for love, then back being a coward, then later on be a man who want to be stronger... and continues making mistakes, become a dark character. But at the end, he is still a weak and yet brave guy who burdens all the sins from the mistake of his own and the others. I can't see any other male character who has that many changes in his life within such a short time.
What I like the most about him is... he is weak, he is a coward, but he never hides it. As Inori says, he constantly fight over his weakness and constantly fight against the him who hates himself. I so love that about him.


How many persons could see his tears?
How many persons to whom he has shown his tears?
How many persons who have accepted his tears?



Reinstall Windows on Acer makina. Acer is shit!
Before I went to bed, I wont be able to sleep in peace 29 if I don't say it out

NEVER, please, please NEVER buy ACER PC !!!!

I have repaired 3 Acer PC so far, so I can say it! They are all shit!
- they installed on their poor makina a bunch of useless apps (amateur users nvr know what they can and cannot remove)
- their own apps are mess, junk, shit
- their hardware nvr worked correctly

Look at what I have 3 recent days: I was asked to repair an Acer Aspire M1201 by a person who, put it simply, knows nothing in PC. But she tried hard, contacted everyone to solve her prb. No hope. Since last October.
- She called MS: they said "windows restore". Didnt work. Please contact Acer.
- She called Acer: they said "windows restore". Didnt work. Please contact MS.

So she asked me if I can do sth about it. Symptoms:
- it's slow, slow and slooooooooow
- cannot update windows whatever u do
- windows license non valid even it's a valid license

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The next one... in my mind, ASUS worried me a little.


Book Girl and The Corrupted Angel
Book Girl and The Corrupted Angel

I cried.
Yet, it was so beautiful, I smiled.

Great book.

This time it's not a new life Mizuki Nomura brought to Classical Literature, Phantom of The Opera. But the author has born a new Phantom.
Japanese fan service aside, Book Girl and The Corrupted Angel is simply a fine read.

When I get off the mood, and read the book again, I will write a review.

You can purchase the book from amazon.


Random Lucky Star
Read from right to left.

How to drive safely ?

Madness of Duke Venomania

What's up with these censors LOL

Parody - Madness of Miss Venomania

1. This is a bad dream of her.
2. The one who stabbed her is Len, not Rin.


Random Lucky Star
1. That's love for you     2. Konata should have come to my school
1. That's love for you.evil grin
2. Konata should have come to my school.yup


Book Girl - The Famished Spirit

“Book Girl – The Famished Spirit” is the 2nd volume of the series of the Light Novel titled “Book Girl”, written by Mizuki Nomura. It was translated and distributed by Yen Press.

The story started with a peaceful day in the Book Club room, where Konoha Inoue, a 2nd year in high school, was writing snack –in the word’s literal meaning– for the club’s president, Amano Tohko, 1 year of his senior. But the peace didn’t last long. Tohko went back from the club’s mailbox with a mysterious letter: There were only numbers in it. They meant “hate you – help – a ghost – I’m scared – it hurts – go away” according to Tohko.

Refused to believe in the ghost, Tohko dragged Inoue along to stake out the mailbox at night. The culprit did appear: it was a girl in their school’s old uniform. She introduced herself as Kayano Kujo, a ghost. Tohko was petrified when she tried to grab Kayano’s hand: it was cold and as thin as if there were nothing else except bones.
The next morning, they found out there was actually a girl in their school who looked exactly like last night’s Kayano, though her name was Hotaru Amemiya. After having brought her in anemic state to the nurse office, they heard a shocking confession from Amemiya: “Maybe you have met my ghost!”
Inoue didn’t want to be dragged on Tohko’s childish impulsion, he avoided her at most. Unfortunately, he got caught by her cousin, Ryuto Sakurai, a handsome guy. Ryuto wanted Inoue to help him investigating Hotaru whom it seemed he had a crush on. Inoue reluctantly joined the party.
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Vocaloid's epic saga
They are videos from years ago, still...

Daughter of Evil (Rin)
-It's snack time.-

Servant of Evil (Len)
-If it's to protect you, I will even become the evil.-

Message of Regret (Rin)
-If we were to be reborn, it'll be nice if we become twins again.-

Re_birthday (Len)
-Today is your new birthday.-

Quoted from the top voted comment:
You know what's funny is this song is actually not part of the Daughter of Evil series. At least not as directly as one might think. It's actually the third installment of the Clockwork Lullaby series that is sort of a spinoff from the 7 Deadly Sins series which the Daughter of Evil saga is from. Daughter of Evil is pride. This song was actually adopted as part of this series by fan's by how perfectly it tied in with Regret Message. Fascinating.

By lurking around, I found out that there are more about the other character tooCollapse )



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